Equity Partners International, Inc.

Equity Partners International, Inc. provides acquisition, merger, divestiture and financing services to a broad range of companies in manufacturing, distribution, and service industries. Our history of success is rooted in the creation of strategic partnerships that result in industry dominating organizations.

Our goal is a win-win solution with an architecture that addresses the needs of both our clients and those companies looking for a strategic financial partner.

We are buyer representatives. Our close working relationship with our client Private Equity Funds, Investment Capital Organizations, and other Banking Institutions, assures the identified companies a clearly defined path to having their needs met through a merger, acquisition, or investment solution.

Our process is simple and easy to understand:

  • We are notified by our clients of their interest in acquiring an industry specific company to serve as a platform company to grow through mergers/acquisitions OR a client notifies us that they require assistance in identifying companies interested in joining an industry platform company on track for public or private sale.
  • Using the list of our clients' target companies or through our highly developed research tools, we identify the set of companies that meet our client's criteria and who have distinguished themselves from their competition in their industry.
  • We contact these companies and through a brief introduction and description of our client's needs, we determine a level of interest in the opportunity. If there is a reasonable level of interest, we conduct a macro level interview to gain the information needed to formally and confidentially present the company to our client.
  • Once mutual interest has been established, we work with our client and the prospect company to set appropriate expectations, both structurally and financially.
  • After our client and the prospect company agree to an exclusive partnership, where intentions are fully disclosed and documented, due diligence begins and we manage the process through completion.
  • After the sale, we assist the resulting organization in reaching any newly defined goals.

If you have reached our web site other than at the direction of one of our team members, and are interested in our merger and acquisition opportunities, please feel free to contact us at your convenience with any questions.

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